Keurbosch International School

Our school is a caring environment where our extremely low teacher / student ratio ensures that every student gets high individual attention, both on a personal and academic level.


We are a small niche Camridge School with less than 50 students. We are focused on acadmics and student development and the teacher learner ratio is some of the best in the world.

We serve with excellence

Each and every student is a name, not just a number at our school. We strive for excellence and to serve our students as best as we can. We realize that a student's school years will greatly contribute to his/her sucess in life.

High-end technology

Our school is blessed to be part of the Knynsna Education Group, which owns its own Learning Management Software and strives to be on par with the most up to date technology and teaching strategies in the world.

Educational integrity

The Knysna Education Group is investing vast resources like intellectual property, monetary value, teacher expertise and educational technology to ensure that Keurbosch achieves top Educational Integrity on all levels.

How we do it?

Our foundation lies in the highly accredited Cambridge education system. This internationally recognised curriculum has exceptional academic merit with a strong focus on the applications of knowledge. Using this, along with our years of expertise in Education, Training and Development of teachers, we are able to combine the excellent education system of Cambridge with adaptive learning, personal development, interactive lessons and student-centred teaching done by skilled teachers. By combining the theoretical and practical components of education with the skills needed to excel in life after school, we have created an education system that guarantees the success of our students.

  • Internatational Curriculum
  • Student-centered Education.
  • International representation
  • International Partner-network.
  • We provide the best tools ever.


Our trained teachers are teaching all over the world.

study methods

We are using in excess of 150 study methods to complement student learning.


We form part of International Projects

years of experience

International best-practices and most-effective procedures